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Development trend of zirconia ceramic parts

Return Release date: 2020/2/28 13:56:24

?The wear resistance of ceramic fittings is 15 times that of alumina ceramics, and the friction coefficient of ceramic fittings is only 1 / 2 of that of alumina ceramics, while the friction coefficient of alumina ceramics itself is very low. The density of ceramic fittings is higher than that of alumina ceramics. The density of alumina ceramics is 3.5, the density of zirconia ceramics is 6, the texture is more delicate. After grinding, the surface finish is higher, up to ▽ 9 or more, which is mirror like, Aurora smooth, and the friction coefficient is smaller.

Ceramic parts are widely used as one of the most widely used materials in advanced ceramics. Let's take a look at the development trend of zirconia ceramic parts.

1. The technical equipment level of ceramic accessories will be improved rapidly: the development of computer technology and digital control technology has promoted the technical progress and rapid development of advanced ceramic material industry. Advanced complete sets of equipment, such as automatic control continuous sintering furnace, high-power and large capacity grinding equipment, high-performance powder making and pelletizing equipment, etc., have advantageously promoted the overall level of the industry At the same time, the production efficiency, product quality and other aspects are also significantly improved.

2. The quality level of ceramic parts is constantly improving: the products of zirconia ceramic parts have grown from scratch, the industrial scale has grown from small to large, and the product quality has gone through a rapid development process.

3. The scale of ceramic parts industry will expand rapidly: zirconia ceramic parts, as the basic materials of other industries or fields, are affected and limited by the development level of other industries. From the application of zirconia ceramic parts, the application range is wider and wider, and the consumption is larger and larger, especially in the anti-wear engineering and the production of building ceramics.

Ceramic accessory is a kind of ceramic material with alumina as the main body, which is used in thick film integrated circuit. Because of its superior performance, it has been widely used in modern society, meeting the needs of daily use and special performance.

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