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Comparison of material advantages between zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics

Return Release date: 2020/2/28 13:46:37

Advantages of zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics:
Comparison of ceramic toughness:
The toughness of zirconia ceramics is 4 times of that of alumina ceramics. At the same time, if zirconia is dropped freely from a height of one meter, only some notches will be broken.
Density comparison:
The density of zirconia ceramics is twice that of alumina ceramics, and the compressive properties of zirconia ceramics are better than that of alumina ceramics.
Friction coefficient comparison:
The friction coefficient of zirconia ceramics is only 1 / 2 of that of alumina ceramics, while the friction coefficient of alumina ceramics is very low. In the actual use process, elastic and hard wear should be considered more. The specific material can wear-resistant depends on the actual use.
Densitometric comparison:
The density of zirconia ceramic structure is higher than that of alumina ceramic. The density of alumina ceramic is 3.5, and the density of zirconia ceramic structure is 6. The texture is more delicate. After grinding, the surface finish is higher, which can reach more than ▽ 9. It is mirror like, extremely smooth, and the number of friction systems is smaller.
Surface finish contrast:
Zirconia ceramic structure has a higher surface finish, a mirror like shape, a smooth polar light, and a smaller friction with the net. It can further improve the service life of the net, greatly reduce the net consumption, reduce the paper net current, and reduce the power consumption. In addition, the toughness of zirconia ceramic structure parts is excellent, which overcomes the inherent brittleness of ceramics, has higher wear resistance, greatly prolongs the service life of products, and significantly improves the quality of paper.
Zirconia ceramic structure is one of the most important structural ceramics, which is second only to alumina ceramics. Because of its good properties (for example, its fracture toughness is higher than that of alumina ceramics), more and more attention has been paid to zirconia ceramic structural parts.

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