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Yi xing jinggang ceramic technology co., LTD.founded in 2001, is located in yixing, jiangsu province. We have advanced technology and imported equipment, is a set research and development, design, production of special ceramic material products professional high-tech enterprises. The main products are: 99 alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, ZTA special ceramic structure, high temperature refractory ceramic tube, rod, sealing parts, grinding parts, substrates, cutting tools and various special-shaped pieces. Product has high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistant, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation features, is gradually take the place of the metal material of a new generation of environmental protection material.

      The company specializing in the production of 95 ~ 99.9 alumina and zirconia ceramic structure, special precision ceramics, silicon nitride ZTA, cordierite ceramics products; Electric appliance industry with all kinds of material of heat-resisting, wear-resisting, voltage, acid and alkali resistant ceramic. High aluminum, just the quality of the jade, silicon carbide, mullite stone high temperature resistant ceramic. High frequency porcelain, general porcelain, porcelain, titanium, 75,85,95,99 alumina ceramics (tubes, rods, bars, plates, sheets, such as ceramic), alumina corundum tubes, furnace tubes. The high temperature special porcelain, refractory products.

    The company has advanced production processing equipment, and scientific research personnel and technical personnel, according to customer drawings production, processing, research and development of all kinds of ceramic profiled. Products with high dimensional accuracy and stable performance. At present, the company's annual production capacity of up to tens of millions of pieces, and successfully used in electrical, electronics, machinery, aerospace, textile, chemical industry and scientific research, etc. Quality achieves industry product quality requirements, by the vast number of customers agree.

      Quality, service, credit is our company has always believed in the three principles. Hope to good products and services to the customers, welcome new and old customers calls negotiate!

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